Our Culture

 Core Values                    resource integration and value creation

 Business Philosophy        create value for clients through expert service.                                                                     create value for company through  customer satisfaction

 Management Philosophy  lean management, succeed through personnel empowerment                                                                                                   

 Codes of Conduct           trustworthiness     cooperation     professional     innovative  

Development Strategy

        We aims to establish an investment business service modeled for investors and invested projects from both sides, that provides the most professional, influential and authoritative service platform for resource integration between Sichuan and South Asia .

        Furthermore, it will also actively internationalize local corporate business philosophies, management structures and talented teams in building a more comprehensive international operation & management system. At the same time, being counted on as the China-South Asia  resource and market organizer,We will bring into full play its international operational experience utilizing both international and domestic resources in business development, resource allocation, technology, market and other key factors, in building an ecological chain that possesses a long-lasting investment value.