What We Do

Business scope: Business information consultation; corporate marketing planning; conference and exhibition services; cultural exchange planning.

Key  Business

 1.1  Deliver regular updates and news on  investment information of  South Asia

 1.2  Investment Facilitation & Compliance Services

 1.3  Investment  Partnerships & Business Match making

 1.4  Provide a one-stop service on screening targeted  investments for or  on behalf of clients in accordance with their requirements.

 1.5  advisory services


Collaborative Services

1.1 Liaise dealings between investors to preclude  potential investment issues                   

1.2 Provide guidance to corporate members on visa and legal   matters related to their invested project.

1.3 Facilitate the purchase, delivery and customs clearance of  required materials for invested projects.

1.4 Set up various specialized business conferences.

1.5 Provide below-off-line targeted and tailored business service