Tourism & Leisure

 1. Hotels / Resorts / Villas

2. Higher-end restaurants
3. Leisure / Entertainment and Theme Parks
4. Tourist transport: Domestic and International Sea & Air transport
5. Meeting Incentive Convention and Exhibition:
6. Domestic and International Air transport / Water-based transport


 1. Cultivation and processing of fruits, vegetables, herbal and spices

2. Deep Sea Fishing & rearing processing of fish
3. Animal husbandry projects
4. Horticulture / Floriculture


 1. Value added Tea

2. Coconut based products
3. Textile & Apparel
4. Electronic Products
5. Machinery & Appliances
6.Paper & Leather Products
7.Ceramic & Glassware
8. Motor Spare Parts
10. Mineral Based Products
11. Pharmaceuticals
12.Rubber based Products


1.Housing and Property Development

2.Shopping & Office Complex
3.Mixed Development Projects
4.Hospital Services and Medical Services
5.Warehousing & Logistic Services
6.Exhibition Centers
7.Industrial Parks
8. Construction of Highways and Railways

   Renewable Energy

1.Power Generation using Renewable Resources

2. Hydro Power
3.Power parks & Wind power parks
4.Energy Management and conservation


1.Branch campuses of leading Foreign Universities

2.Higher Educational Institutes
Hospitality / Tourism / Hotel Management
3.Design Development
6.Maritime Training