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           South Asia Committee of Sichuan Foreign Commerce&Trade Chamber(hereinafter referred to as South Asia Committee, abbreviated to SAC).

          SAC plays as a bridge and a tie between Sichuan and South Asia area  Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka etc.(ordered by the first letter of country name) ,in promoting international investments, economic cooperation and cultural exchange .
          SAC offers customized services to both South Asia and China that correspond with policies of their countries. By establishing an avenue for resource integration, SAC’s full range of highly efficient and easily accessible professional corporate business services will enable respective investors to bilaterally exchange and analyze details of prospective projects, thereby finding good synergies and capitalizing on each other’s resources.

   Sichuan South Asia Silk Road Business Service Co.,Ltd


Sichuan South Asia Silk Road Business Service Co.,Ltd(hereinafter referred to as the Silk Road South, abbreviated to SASR), currently rely on strong support from Sichuan Foreign Commerce&Trade Chamber which subordinates to Sichuan Prov.General Chamber of Commerce China.

SASR is a business & investment matchmaking company who offers investors  a comprehensive one-stop solutions for investments in South Asia so you can rest assured of our support and partnership every step of the way.

SASR specialize in providing that vital link which will enable Sichuan perspective investors , companies, enterprises to find the right investment solution for specific investment related need in South Asia. We take time to understand your investment related requirements and have the competency and the expertise needed to match precisely what is best to meet them.

Our Background

                 At present, Sichuan actively take part in China development strategy of “One -Belt , One -Road” . Sichuan proposed to start the implementation of" 251 three-year action plan ", and strive to 2017, Sichuan and “One -Belt , One -Road”along the way countries will expanded their business trade to 300 billion USD , and the turnover of foreign contracted projects total exceeded 200 billion USD.“Two-Way derication”investment grew will rise to more than 10%( average annual rate). During the  3 years efforts, Sichuan will achive “One -Belt , One -Road”strategy, advancing from  West area  to  South. heartland .

             Under this feedback ,SASC and SASR would like to give positive response to Sichuan government, with the suport of Sichuan Foreign Commerce&Trade Chamber, we have benn set up to focus on South Asia resources integration services.

Since the end of 2014 establishment, we have accumulated a valid multiple resources, We are first and only Sichuan and the South Asian Association for regional economic development, business trade and investment matchmaking business service platform. We do have abundant resources from all side.

We are interested in sectors  : infrastructure, mineral resources, housing construction, agriculture, power development, assembly manufacturing, energy comprehensive energy and so on .we would like to encourage and  lead our perspective enterprise recourse :  machinery, electronic information, textiles and clothing, decorative building materials, agricultural machinery, modern agriculture etc. we would like to  carry out overseas investment and cooperation, focuses on the use of existing equipment and sophisticated technology establish overseas production base, drive and expand the size of the related products, technology, service output. We will push our enterprises to participate in the "One- Belt, One- Road " along way countries ,  China-Bangladesh , China-Srilanka, China-India , China - Pakistan economic corridor .