SAC Went to Pakistan for Project Investigation and Research

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In order to accelerate the the development of the project cooperation, SAC and related Sichuan enterprises went to Pakistan for project investigation and research for a week. This investigation directed mainly at Punjab and Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan.

During the investigation, SAC participated in the Security Fair held in Islamabad on March 1 and had a further knowledge about the security protection of Pakistan.

On March 2, SAC met with Prof. Mukhtar Ahmed, the minister of higher education in Pakistan and signed the MOU.

On March 3, SAC met with Doc. MisftahIsmail, the chairman of Pakistani Federal Investment Commission, and Doc. MisftahIsmail introduced investment preferential policies to SAC.

On Marche 4, SAC and enterprises visited the industrial park in KPK and they finally established cooperation relations.